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Healthy Music Matters

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What do we do? Ways to help.

Who are we?

We offer free information and direction to entertainers.
You might have a question about health care services, housing or even in some cases music business. We have links to cover many, many topics FREE. You could probably research subjects on your own we try to make it  simple by putting many links on our site,  So if you are an entertainer you can come to our site to see if we have what you are looking for or you can email us to suggest a site.  We will glady include it.

Help us by attending our Feb. Concert Gospel, Jazz Tickets are $8.00. Food, fun prizes....surprises
Sponsor a concert to help us. If you sponsor a concert we supply everything that is necessary except the space music, food for 25 guests, a door prize.. As the sponsor you must sell 40 tickets. We mention your name in our annual ad book for our awards ceremony and you receive a helping hands award at the ceremony.

Ticket to
Annual Awards
Versatility Entertainment & Image Awards
June 2008
Once your payment has been received you will receive a confirmation number
Just have that number upon attending the event


Philly's Finest Entertainers CD

Toni Washingtin

Who are we?
We are entertainers who know what is necessary to survive. 
We understand what survival is all about.  We have thought about our futures and the futures of other entertainers