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Healthy Music Matters

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We are a small group of Philadelphia Performers who took an interest in educating ourselves and others regarding available benefits to assist with working towards your goals as a professional. Many people take for granted Health Coverage and preventative measures regarding health especially if they are already covered. We seek out alternatives to help with valuable information regarding facilities that might be low cost or no cost. We try to give you information with regards to grants to help you through those tough times that many of us are faced with at some time or another whether we are performers or individuals trying to make an honest living.

We are sponsors of an annual award created by us
THE VERSATILITY ENTERTAINMENT AND IMAGE AWARDS. Individuals are randomly selected and honored, Most times they are referred from someone associated with the award. In order to qualify you must have at least 10 years in your field and project a positive image. If you are an entertainer it is also to acknowledge you with regards to serving the community through positive performances. Any nominees should be brought to our attention no later than March of each year.

We have participated in fundraisers and rasied money to help entertainers as well as the families of entertainers in their time of need.