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Healthy Music Matters

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The 8th Annual Versatility Entertainment & Image Awards TICKETS ARE $25.00 More at the door. INCLUDES REFRESHMENTS, AND THE CEREMONY. AND YOU RECEIVE A Business card sized AD IN THE AD BOOK.
In the years to come we will be having several fundraisers to establish a fund to help those with true emergency situations. It is our hope to be in a position to assist those in need whenever possible. We have many unique and unusual ideas in store to keep it interesting, fun and exciting.

Philly's Finest (Compilation CD Volume-I) Featuring many of Philly's Finest
Coming Soon-Philly's Finest DVD BOOK-(Volume-I)Featuring many of Philly's Finest-Includes - Shipping & Handling

Item #-CD1-2007

Item #12008-$10.00

(We usually celebrate it in Black Music Month)(June). The cost $25.00 includes ceremony, refreshments and live entertainment. Includes refreshments, ceremony and entertainment,, Semi-Formal Affair.
Anyone who wishes to take out an ad in the ad book can contact us as soon as possible. The ads start at $25 for a business card sized ad.
Starting in May of each year we will be selling uniquely designed fans and other useful and fun items.
A few local taverns have allowed us to place beautiful gift baskets in their establishments to be raffled off. The baskets are filled with great scented candles, beautiful glasses and other useful items. This will be an ongoing fundraiser. We will focus on holidays as well as other special events. Chances will be sold for $1.00. OUR COMPILATION CD & DVD Book AND CALENDAR FEATURING VARIOUS PHILLY ARTISTS IS AVAILABLE FOR $10's Healthy Music Matters Volume I-Philly's Finest Entertainers.
As always we welcome suggestions as well as ideas.